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My first memories of Anna is her riding a John Deere lawn mower in jean short overalls and a tan that people dream of. She would mow the lawn of her parents rental house with beauty and confidence, and that should have been my first clue into what kind of person Anna was. Anna attacked life with greatness as well as determination. She was always looking to make an impact whether it was in the delivery room, with her friends and family or just her normal everyday tasks. When you were around Anna you always felt like you were welcomed into her circle and truly made to feel cared for and special. There are countless deliveries I had the privilege of being in the room with Anna and there was no one like her! She loved to empower women in their births and she also loved busting out the squat bar the get those babies out! It was her signature style. Many people don’t know but Anna took up running in her last 5 months of life and did it with tenacity. She would get out there in the bitter cold, bundle herself up in all the layers she had and get after it, and SHE WAS FAST! I remember receiving text messages from her saying she has just busted out 6 miles and my jaw would nearly drop! She was always of the mindset that if she was living she wasn’t dying and that is how she lived out everything in her life. There are so many more stories I could share here but please know that your mommy was the most wonderful gift to everyone she encountered and her spirit will live on in you forever. We miss you Anna and can’t wait to be with you again.