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Anna, it’s impossible to put into words the impact you had in my life and continue to have as your memory and example live on. You forever transformed countless lives. Having you as my NP, you also became a lifelong friend and inspiration. Truly remarkable in every way, your energy, love and compassion were unlike anything I have ever experienced. You cared about helping women heal, inside and out, in every aspect of their lives. You genuinely cared about everything going on in my life, not just the physical. Even after you were diagnosed, you still saw your patients and had the same beautiful smile and heart of compassion that was always focused on everyone else. Your selfless love, courage, and strength will forever inspire me. How you handled cancer was truly superhuman. I have handled my day-to-day struggles- which really are nothing compared to your battle- with far less positivity, joy, and courage than you had when you faced the biggest challenge of your life. I will forever look at your example as how I want to be in life. You truly were like an angel to me and are so greatly missed. I firmly believe you are looking down on us and will continue to do so much good from heaven. Your life and your legacy live on in the hearts of so many. You are a model of graciousness, strength, courage, and love that I will always think of and try to imitate. I love you so much girl. You are forever in my heart.