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I was blessed to know Anna as she was part of the group that welcomed me to The River and the Kalamazoo area. I was invited by Hannah Wrench to a few different social gatherings when we first moved here at Anna’s house and to the beach in South Haven – neither of which do I think Anna even knew that I was second hand invited and yet I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel like a close friend along with everyone else. Anna also discharged me from the hospital with my first born baby in the height of the pandemic (talk about a stressful time filled with anxiety) and answered texts from me during my postpartum healing. She volunteered at The River church under my leadership, both in the nursery and welcoming/checking in kids. She was always so willing to jump in wherever it was needed. But the things I will always remember about Anna was her warm presence. She would put you at ease with her smile, a gentle squeeze of the arm, a hug and her laugh always made my heart happy. Truly and honestly, I’m so grateful to have known Anna even in the small ways I did and I’ll be forever thankful our paths crossed.