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Anna was such an incredible soul. I saw her after my daughter was born. She sat down and listened to me, she ran blood work, and gave me natural options. And more than anything she cared. She genuinely cared about her patients. My next visit she did my gyno appointment. I have never laughed through that experience or felt so comfortable with a care provider in that situation. When I left she gave me her cell number and I was able to text her a few times with medical questions. She was passionate about what she did and had this energy about her. Like the embodiment of love and compassion. I know that my story isn’t rare and I bet there’s hundreds if not thousands of women who will have the same story as mine, she really touched so many lives.

I just want to say to her family, her husband and child especially I am devastated for your loss. Anna and I are the same age and I just can’t imagine. I am lifting all of you up with so many prayers.