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Andrew, Words cannot express the sorrow I have for you and your kids as you navigate life without Anna. To say she was special is such an understatement. I knew of “Anna Mulder” as a friend of my niece, but I really got to know “Anna Nieboer” while working as a Lactation Consultant at Bronson where she was a nurse extern. We connected immediately after playing Dutch bingo and figuring out that she was married to you! I connected more dots by her telling her that your folks were our neighbors on Balch and Rose St and I that I remembered when you were born! I remember that first day working with her and commented to the unit clerk that ‘she’ was going to be a great nurse. Everyone thought the same thing. Little did we know the multiple hats Anna would wear over the course of her short life. One thing about Anna that just amazed me was her resolve not to be like others, but to stand out among them. When she was diagnosed with the cancer I messaged her about my cousin who had the same cancer diagnosis and her comment was not self focused, but just one of bewilderment. She said “It’s crazy the prognosis in this cancer.” I was blown away how she could separate herself from the cancer itself. I was so glad that she could do that mentally. Anna was so loved by you and so many others. I cannot imagine your grief or situation. We will be thinking of you often. And praying. With love, Beth