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When I step on the beach at Platte River Bay outlet, I always think of Anna. Then, I pray for your family.

The last time I talked to Anna was on that beach. My daughter was a fresh 5weeks old and I carried her (August 2019). Anna carried a wee tot on her hip and 3 other radiant children and her husband followed behind with a little red wagon. I remember the family glowing joy …….bouncing and splashing. “What a small world” I remember thinking and “how time flies.” It seemed like just the other day we were thick in our freshman year at Hope in the 3-6 cluster of Dykstra.

We made small talk that day on the beach. I remember the feeling more of how good it was to see Anna. She always walked in such purpose-filled beauty.

Being on the Platte yesterday with my family, made me again think of Anna. I watched my children run about, collect rocks, splash, and chase gulls. I walked slowly in Lake Michigan and felt the crisp water as I dove in. I watched my husband lift Mercy on his shoulders. I felt grateful for it all.