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Andrew and kids,

As a wife and a mother, my heart aches deeply for you. I can’t imagine the depths of your loss, but I hope that these stories being written and the stories you have been told over the last week are illustrating to you truly how special your wife and mom was.

I met Anna in person just 18 months ago. Prior to that, our interactions were purely professional, referring patients back-and-forth to each other. I was having some hormonal issues in my first postpartum period and decided to seek help from Anna myself. After some testing and truly listening to my symptoms, she made some referrals, made some lifestyle change recommendations, and recommended some supplementation. She got my body working so appropriately that my second pregnancy defied an IUD just a short five months later. Anna was my first text after telling my husband. She got me in the next morning and started to assist us in trouble shooting through the complications of a pregnancy with an IUD still in place. Long story short, she got us where we needed to be, I was able to grow our second baby boy for 40 weeks and four days, and welcome him into the world earlier this year. She made sure to check up on me periodically throughout my pregnancy, checking in with me one last time a few days before he was born. Having an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy at any stage in life is scary, but Anna was there to always provide me encouraging words reminding me that “we can do hard things“

Our last text conversation was her checking in on me in my first few weeks postpartum, me sharing a photo of our newest son, and a simple reply “So perfect “

My story is not uncommon, it is not special, it is not unique… When it came to your wife and your mom, this is how she treated everyone. Going to her funeral today was hard… It was tragic, devastating, but so beautiful. Beautiful to hear more stories about her, to understand a little bit more about her beginnings and what made her, her.

As you have heard so many times in the last week, the world is dimmer without your wife and your mom. But, I do hope that the flame that was ignited in so many of us just by knowing her… Whether it was being her colleague, her patient, her peer… I hope those flames find some gasoline and ignite fires in attempt to come close to what she provided this world.

My deepest sympathies, my most positive thoughts, and a heartfelt thank you for sharing her with the world.