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I first met Anna at The River. She always stood out in a crowd. She had this presence, this vibe or energy that was magnetic, calming and radiated love. She drew you in and left you feeling affirmed, loved and seen. She had such a powerful spirit. We bonded over our passion for nursing and providing healthcare to the underserved in our community. I was working at the Family Health Center at the time. She used to tell me all the time she was going to open a clinic for the poor some day, and I was her first call when she was ready. While that didn’t happen, we spoke often on the phone professionally (but it always felt personal with Anna- it was never “just business”) as she was someone I frequently referred patients to.
Anna was a powerful advocate for people, she loved fiercely and those who had the privilege of knowing her were better for it, myself included.

I am so sorry for your loss.