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I met Anna in 2019 at the FEMM training in New York. She was so welcoming, warm, and friendly that I was immediately drawn to her. Her encouragement and support as a mentor and provider that first year was so meaningful to me as she went out of her way to personally respond and make herself available to help me with difficult cases. We connected personally over having four young children and continued a friendship over social media. Her community outreach events were inspiring and had an impact on our outreach and ministries here in California. My heart was grieved by her diagnosis yet I was significantly moved by her brave and courageous way of tackling it with her fervent trust in our Lord. Her testimony to all who knew her was a powerful witness to the glory of God. I cry to think of the loss of a wife and mother and sister and daughter for her family- but have so much peace and encouragement for seeing her again! As I worship our Lord- I know we are worshipping together. I will be forever inspired by her willingness to serve, her capacity to go out of her way to help, and her outer and inner beauty that was evident to all. May the Lord comfort those who mourn her loss in a deep and caring way as only he can. And May he show himself faithful to the widower and orphans with no mother that she has left behind. Lord you are faithful and true, sovereign and just. You are the great lover of our souls and we look to you during this time to love them deeply and tenderly- caring for each tear that falls- and super naturally leading them in life comforted by you. Yes and Amen- May it be so lord Jesus. We gave thanks to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.