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When the house across the street went up for sale we made a wish that a family would move in with children the same age as ours. Our hopes were exceeded when the Nieboers arrived and our kids became fast friends; playing daily in the houses or on the street. Over time, as our children connected so did we, and it became almost a ritual to gather in the street or driveway and talk about life while the kids rode bikes or built snow forts. Anna had the kind of natural motherly wisdom that transcends age. She always seemed to know exactly what to say to bring the kids together and keep them playing well. We watched with awe as she effortlessly struck just the right balance of loving guidance and discipline that elicited both obedience and respect. The Nieboers brought new life to our quiet neighborhood, with more and more children from all over seeming to gravitate to their yard. Anna watched over them all, and provided an anchor of stability in the otherwise chaotic rowdiness of childhood play. She radiated quiet confidence, keen intelligence, and a deep trust in the children’s ability to keep themselves and each other safe. Anna, as a parent you were an inspiration, as a neighbor you were a delight, and as a friend you will be deeply missed.