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When I reached my 3rd trimester of pregnancy I was filled with many doubts and so many worries. I met Anna once and I remember leaving my appointment saying to my husband “I absolutely love her”. Anna comforted me at such a scary and unsure time. She sat down with me during my appointment and held my hand telling me everything would be okay. Her words and touch soothed me through the unsettling time. Although I had met many other midwife’s, Anna’s light shined the brightest. I had no insight at the time of Anna’s medical condition. After my sons birth I had reached out to thank Anna of her sincere gratitude and was heartbroken to hear of her passing. Although I only met Anna once she created a space in my heart that I never knew existed. I wondered to myself, how can someone I met once make me see the world differently in my 23 years of life. She was an Angel….