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The first encounter I can remember with Anna was at one of Heidi Wolfe’s birthday parties (I think). Somehow the party turned into a sweet lesson about stomach abs from Anna. I remember everyone laying on their backs at one point and Anna was going around checking their diastasis recti (the abdomen separation that can happen after childbirth). I was the only one there who hadn’t had a baby yet and she asked if I could be the example of what the abdomen should feel like… I didn’t really know her at the time but I was glad to help. Her joy for life and her passion & love for others was SO evident that you couldn’t help but love her back immediately. I remember thinking… Wow! This woman loves what she does SO much that she can’t help but let it spill over into all parts of her life. Anna was so joyful about helping other women that checking each other’s abdomens became the highlight of that party.

Anna was one of the most incredible women I’ve ever met! She gave me peace and helped me feel empowered when I was scared to death of childbirth the first time around. She helped me feel at peace with my decisions as a first time mom, and so much more!

She was so kindhearted, generous and loving. She will be missed.