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When the Nieboer family moved onto our street in 2018, we could have never imagined the eventual impact. It didn’t take long for Anna to begin to share her gifts as a midwife when she moved in as my husband and I were expecting our first child. It was shortly after that, that our daughter, Dylan, ended up being born 12 weeks early then eventually, went to Heaven 5 months later as a result of an illness. Anna wasted no time inviting us over for dinner and helping to fill the gaping time void left in our lives and our hearts. She invited us for dinner, checked in often, and wept with me when I needed a friend. When we celebrated the news of another pregnancy, Anna quickly stepped in as more than my medical provider, but my encourager, cheerleader, and trusted friend. She delivered our second daughter into the world, full-term, and again, saw us through a third full-term pregnancy. Anna wasn’t afraid to step into difficult situations in people’s lives. She leaned in, listened, and loved well. Anna’s legacy will live on through adult and children’s lives alike. She will be missed but we rejoice that she is reunited with our Lord and Savior, pain-free, and lacking nothing.