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It was 2018 and Anna and I were both pregnant with our fourth babies. I met Anna, and she immediately made me feel like we were long friends. She was always smiling, she loved her work! She truly listened, she truly cared. She helped me through the ups and downs of a difficult pregnancy. (Then Lana was born and came along to all of the appointments. What a beautiful testament to motherhood!) I looked forward to each appointment with her! Anna and I had discussed my birth plan because my babies historically come extremely fast. My husband called Anna on our way to the hospital and even though it was the middle of the night, and even though she had an infant at home, and even thought it was the middle of the frigid polar vortex; Anna jumped out of bed and beat us to the hospital. Here’s the thing: Anna was in the process of gaining her delivery rights for Bronson and they went into effect on February 1, 2019. My late night delivery was on January 31. It made no difference to Anna, she was there as a friend, as my support and stayed with me as my “unofficial midwife” through the birth and recovery. That’s who Anna was. I am forever grateful.
Fast forward two years, I made another appointment with Anna. I could not believe it but she recalled all of the intimate details of my delivery like it had just happened. How many babies had Anna delivered? And she could still remember MY stitches?! Instead of taking care of me like one of her many patients, Anna always made me feel like a cherished friend. Anna’s impact will live on in me forever. Thank you, Anna!