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Anna was so many things to so many people, myself included. The day we met it was Anna‘s due date with Levi. Of course she was working at Bronson that day and it just happened that she was my nurse, as my daughter Kyla had been born the day before. Our kiddos ended up less then 1 week apart. Anna‘s Love and Light were apparent from the very first moments we met. Soon we discovered that we were attending the same church and our families ended up joining a small group together. A couple years later Anna cared for Kyla in her home when I went back to work part time. Since Kyla and Levi were only about 1 week apart and they become very fast friends. I loved dropping Kyla off with Anna, but I believe Kyla loved it even more. Our small group continued on and off throughout the years. Andrew and Anna were always saying how they wanted to learn from the couples who had been married longer then them, but I always felt as though they were teaching me. They were so wise and loved each other beautifully. Anna has helped guide me in my own personal health journey and has taught me so much about what true health looks like, physically, mentally and emotionally. She had so much knowledge and passion that I couldn’t help but soak up everything she shared. We ended up training for a run and she was my inspiration. Her strength and hope and persistence drove me forward.
As much as Anna was so many things to me, more then anything she was my friend. She was funny and smart and beautiful and kind. We shared a mutual love for sunshine and couldn’t get enough of it’s warmth. It has been truly a gift to know Anna and to be known by her. I will do my best to continue to carry on her Love, Light, Beauty, Passion, Joy and Hope to the rest of the world. 💛