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In 2012, Anna was the nurse who helped bring my oldest daughter, Charlotte, into the world. In a tough delivery (my first) she was THE bright light of our hospital birthing experience, staying with me past the end of her shift to see my girl safely delivered. In the years that followed, our paths continued to cross in Kalamazoo and I was ecstatic when she was the midwife in training who joined us for my third child, Jude’s, planned homebirth in 2018. Fast forward three years later, and she was the one I called when we transitioned back to a hospital birth for my fourth and final baby, Maggie.

Anna was my rock during my pandemic pregnancy with Maggie and, even though she couldn’t be there for her birth due to her own health, saw me safely delivered to other midwives and was there in spirit (and via text message). She came to see her after she was born and, even as I was preparing her food, she came with a care bag of food and snacks for a new mama. I’ll always remember her smile as we watched our kiddos playing together in her van – laughing as our old, orange cat jumped in to join them.

The world has lost a beautiful light.

Photo collage includes: Anna holding Charlotte in 2012 (top right), Group photo after Charlotte’s birth in 2012 (top left), Group photo after Jude’s birth in 2018 (bottom right), Anna meeting Maggie in 2021 (bottom right)