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Anna and I grew up doing everything from Westwood little league, to running track in high school, and taking pretty much all the same classes. I think of us as being similar in a lot of ways, but she was way cooler.

She was so cute and tiny but drove a big Ford truck to school. (I drove a rusty Buick that you could hear from a mile away) 🙂
She went skydiving on her birthday one year, and just flippantly told me about it while sitting in English class. I mean, how cool. And if my memory serves me right she got scuba certified in high school too – pretty sure she tested it in her hot tub!

Senior year, we were sitting in Hoffman’s Pre-Calc class, when she turned to me and said, “So do you wanna go to Aruba with me?” Say what?!? Definitely didn’t learn math that day. She even came to see me when I was working a summer in Colorado, and just hung out and rock climbed.

She truly was always up for anything, and if she put her mind to it, she accomplished it. I’m so glad she let me along for the ride.


We grew apart after choosing different colleges and her starting a family, but God knew I needed her at my lowest time.

My husband and I had been walking through infertility for years, and I needed someone on my side who would keep looking into things. And she did just that. She fought for me.

By God’s grace she was there to deliver my first son. Having Anna at the birth was the most comforting thing; God gave me great peace by her presence.

She truly was the hands of Jesus to me in my lowest low and highest high. I can’t stop thinking about how she was on the earth the same number of years as Jesus.
Well done, good and faithful one.

Love you, Anna and your sweet, sweet family