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Anna and I have many circles that have been intertwined. I first met her on labor and delivery as a nurse, then realized we went to the same church. We were in a couples bible study together for a short period of time as well. The most impactful time I spent with Anna was when I was training her to be a midwife. She chose me to train her and I will forever be grateful for that opportunity. Ironically, over the more than 400 hours we spent side-by-side caring for women, I think I learned more from her than she learned from me. A few years later, I then started working alongside her at Novo.

Things I’ve learned from Anna:
– Treat every human being with love and respect.
– Speak your mind and stand up for what you know is right, but always do it with grace. Anna never held back from what needed to be said, but it was always said with grace and kindness.
– Approach all situations with a smile. Even if someone was giving Anna a hard time or criticizing her, she never responded with anything but love.
– Look good, feel good. Anna was always so well put together. Even working through the night, she always looked so beautiful. This leads me to the next lesson/affirmation from Anna…
– You can drive a minivan and still be hot. 🙂

This list is only a few of the things Anna has taught me. She was such a youthful person with an old, wise soul. We are told in the Bible that we are the body of Christ, each of us a part of it. I believe Anna was the heart, the hands, the feet and the joy of Christ. The beat of her life furthered God’s kingdom here on earth. I cannot go anywhere in Kalamazoo without someone knowing Anna Neiboer, she has made such an imprint on this community. She had such an energy about her that just made you feel good being in her presence.

Andrew, I would say to you, she was so proud to be your wife. Any time she spoke of you it was full of love and reverence. I’d like to remind you that God handpicked you two to be together, you are her equal. So please always remember the amazing plans God has for you and your kiddos!

Attached are a couple pictures of her and Lana when they came to Novo for a visit. Lana was thirsty and wanted some water so Anna grabbed two urine (clean!) cups and shared a drink with her mini-midwife.