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The loss of Anna is profound, I am feeling it deeply. She saved my life. The gratitude I have for her existence on this earth is vast and beyond measure. The manner in which our paths crossed at Holy Family Healthcare feels orchestrated by a higher power. Anna was the first healthcare provider that listened to me after years of not being heard, she allowed me to follow my intuitive pings about healing my body. She connected me with all the people that I could trust as much as I trusted her. She taught me everything I know about my cycle, some of my favorite moments with her were learning about FEMM. She empowered me to understand and love my body, that a woman’s cycle is to be celebrated, and that it is the most powerful tool I have for my health. During the worst moments of my sickness, she met me with a depth of love, compassion, and patience that changed me to my core. I will forever honor Anna and her legacy by sharing that same depth of love, compassion, and patience with all those who cross my path.

She truly lived with the purest heart and radiated love.