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Anna had such a profound impact on my life in just the short 2 years I had known her. I met her when I became her patient. A friend referred me to her and I had no idea how blessed I would become by trusting that friends recommendation. Anna listened. She truly listened. And then she cared. She cared so much about what I said to her and she wanted to help. And she did. She changed me. And she changed the way I viewed good healthcare, too. But she was so much more than a provider that answered every single call and email (even on her off hours), she was a light. She shared true and good information with women in her office and she also shared her heart with everyone. I had the pleasure of seeing her a few weeks ago unexpectedly and she was able to hold and hug my newborn and provide me so much comfort again. I didn’t know it would be the last time I saw her. I left that short time with her feeling so peaceful. She was a wonderful person who will be missed by so many. Her impact was big. Praying for her soul and her family in the days to come.