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When I met Anna, it was due to the fact that my big sister was dating her big brother. We got to know each other by being the “young” ones in the wedding party and celebrating the fact that we would be gaining more family through the marriage of our older siblings. I will always remember Anna’s vibrancy in life. She greeted every person with the greatest grin and took the time to really say hello when seeing you. Through the past 15+ years, I had the privilege of seeing Anna graduate high school, finish college, date Andrew, marry Andrew, and build a beautiful family of 4 amazing kids. While Anna and I are considered “distant” family, I always felt like she was an unexpected sister. I often spent time with Anna and Andrew boating on sugarloaf, got to see each of her children grow from infancy to their current ages now, and spent many Fridays with her having family dinners at the Mulder’s. Anna always helped make me feel like I was family. I lived with Jenny & Silas for 2 years and the Mulders all welcomed me to the family events and dinners with open arms. Every time I reflect on Anna, I think of light. Whenever she walked in the room there was a light that came with her. When she talked about her passions for health and childbirth; there was a light of intensity for helping those in need to learn more and experience childbirth to it’s fullest form. When I got to see Anna and Andrew get married there was a bright light of love for one another and joy for entering into a life together. When Anna smiled or laughed…it brought light to every situation. While I know I am not technically “family”, it has been honor and privilege to have Anna as a light in my life and an unexpected sister. It is heartbreaking to know she is no longer a physical light on this earth but I know the impact she had on so many will continue, her beautiful children will carry her light into every aspect of their lives, and Andrew will do everything in his power to never let the light that Anna had go unnoticed.