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After recommendations from friends to visit Anna for a wellness visit, I quickly knew she was who I wanted to see every time for doctor appointments. Anna was so kind, so welcoming, and so informative. She had a gift of making you feel valued and seen. Once I found out I was pregnant in 2021, Anna was the midwife I chose. Even though I didn’t end up getting to see her for every visit, I did get to see her the day of my delivery. It felt like the kindness of God that she happened to have a short shift the exact same day I was in labor because it was so nice to see the same welcoming face that I met at my first check up appointment. After I had my daughter, Anna was still in my corner answering my texts of concerns and questions I had as a new mother. Even during her toughest days, she made time for her patients which amazes me. I knew her for a short time, but she left an impact in my life. Thank you Anna for everything you did for me and for so many other families and women!