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A ray of sunshine is exactly what I would think of when I would see Anna’s smile. It was extra bright and it would include her cute little scrunched up nose, and pure joy emanating from her eyes when she spotted a baby or a child.
She was infused in our life from the time my girls were born and she became the one and only babysitter! My girls were spoiled by her. Babysitting included crafting, baking, chasing, sand boxing, hot tubbing, swinging under the willow tree, trips to the park, and to South Haven and on and on.
They were flower girls in her and Andrew’s beautiful wedding. Sibling’s Day at college. There were special “dates” with each of them as they grew a little older. And then there were the hundreds of “female” questions I would text Anna, and she would always find the time to answer, and with ideas I had never come across with all of my Google searches!
Our most recent gift from her was when she showed up in the middle of the night, while battling her cancer, to deliver Isla Jean Ryan. She never ceased to amaze me with her ability to accomplish whatever she went after, and all the while making time for anyone and everyone.
Yes, she truly was a gift from God, and will continue to be….As I read through her tributes, I realized how many other lives she touched in such a profound way. I know her memory will live on, and she will continue to be infused into our lives until the glorious day when we all get to be reunited in Heaven.
Until then, I told her we will do our best to support those closest to her with shared memories, love, time, and healing words. We love you so much Anna!❤️
Lori, Hanna, Kira, and Steve Ryan