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I met Anna and her adorably pregnant belly at Bronson’s Nurse Extern orientation back in 2007/8ish. We were both still in nursing school, I was heading to Trauma Care and she to L&D. Her truly beautiful smile was such a warm and friendly welcome in an intimidating environment- enough so that I still remember it today. We hardly saw each other for the years to follow as we went along our own family and career paths

The next time I saw Anna was in 2015 when she walked in to my L&D hospital room to be my nurse for a matter of minutes before transferring me upstairs. Our brand new daughter had just arrived fast and furiously about an hour prior, and I remember Anna saying something like, “I heard about her coming quickly- that’s the best way to do it!”

The next encounter I had with her was when I came to work in L&D in 2017. I was orienting and with her on her last day as PRN. She had been working a few partial day shifts per week. She told me how her nonconventional work schedule really twisted the panties of some dayshifters, but she talked about it with such tangible confidence, trusting that what she was doing what was best for her and her family.

Over the next 4 or so years, Anna and I would mostly cross paths at work. She came to join Holy Family Healthcare, where Dan was working, so our limited interactions often became centered on the ups and downs of “HFH life”. I always enjoyed seeing her, and hearing of her visions-becoming-realities thru HFH.

The last time I saw Anna at work was my last shift at Bronson. I came on shift and took over care on the laboring patient I had admitted the night before. Anna was staying over her shift to see this mama thru to delivery. We flipped the patient every which way in the final pushes to try to get that little one out. The patient ended up delivering a healthy baby about 830pm. Anna gave 100% for the well-being of that first-time, very anxious mother, and I was privileged to witness her example of self-giving, even as her cancer diagnosis had already come to fruition.

The last time I saw Anna was at Theresa Bouchard’s funeral Mass. We were surprised to see you both, but her presence just spoke to her determination no matter the circumstances. I was incredibly impressed at her gumption, despite her body’s unwillingness to keep up.

I realize that these memories of Anna aren’t the kind many closer friends are blessed to have. I know that her and I were not very close, but I share with you what I do have because I believe they represent a glimpse into the potential of her impact. I genuinely do not have a great memory, but these rather menial memories of Anna are well noted in my mind. Imagine the truly profound impact she must’ve had on so many others if I can recall these simple interactions we shared! I suspect I remembered these moments because of the precedent she set when I first met her: that warm, friendly and inviting smile of hers on Nurse Extern orientation day. She brought her best self that day, and shared that best with me, planting a seed. I suspect Anna has sown an entire field of seeds, of which she will be the first to see their fruits from her heavenly view.

Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.