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We attended The River church with the Nieboers about 10 years ago when we lived in Kalamazoo. We can remember the first time we saw Anna at church and then talked to each other in the car (“Is she possibly the most beautiful and full of life person ever?”). We were fortunate to see the Nieboers as their family grew and ours did too. Sometimes we’d run into them in South Haven, too, taking walks on the pier years after we moved away from Kalamazoo.

We weren’t close with Anna but we were friendly acquaintances and seeing her would always make us remark just like the first time (“How is she so pretty and so sweet?”) She helped deliver our second nephew in Kzoo and she was kind enough to stop by when our second, Oscar, spent a couple days in the NICU. She had such a big heart and had a huge impact on The River and on families in Kalamazoo. We will miss her and will be thinking of and sending love to Andrew and the kids.