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I met Anna 2 years ago, I was refferred to her by someone at Bronson, after going to so many doctors with no one could figure out why I wasn’t getting a menstrual. When I finally met her, my mom and I were so suprised at her knowledge and this beautiful light she had. She embraced me and I felt so relieved to have met her. She truly changed my life. She was the sweetest person I’ve ever met, kind, and compassionate. I felt heard. I moved out of state and still kept in touch with her via email, she was always offering her support to me via email, or sending me tools needed. Even as of a few weeks ago, she sent me an email stating to let her know whatever she can do to support me and I know she truly meant that. She also told me to never stop being an advocate for myself. I had no idea what she was going through. She was still trying to serve my needs while going through what she was going through. Anna was a light, she had a purpose in this world and she truly served it. She is a beautiful person in and out. And I am so incredibly sorry for your loss and will be praying for family, her husband, and her kids.